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Film Analysis Paper :

Pretty Woman (1990)

Out of the many top grossing films in 1990, the romantic-comedy film Pretty Woman had a special place in the American people's heart. The hit film had the typical happy ending, fairy-tale like plot with main characters actor Richard Gere and actress Julia Roberts. The film's theme centered around the lives of the rich- Gere as Edward Lewis, and the poor, desolute girl, played by Roberts as Vivian Wood, who needed someone to come rescue her from the pitiful job as a prostitute. Lewis is a corporate raider who happens to be lost in the streets of San Francisco, and comes across with  the prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold, Wood. She manages to help him not just with navigating through the city, but also is paid to be his escort during his boring business meetings. Although they are both from two different social and financial classes, Lewis and Wood falls in love. The film had received several awards as well as the actors receving Oscar nominees. The witty, comical aspect had proved to be enjoyable to the audiences, and the romance had stirred the hearts of America.
Pretty Woman movie poster
America through Pretty Woman

America was a growing success of a nation in 1990. The prospering market relied on many factors to boost up its currency and as an idol for the idealized life. Technology was advancing at an alarming speed with computers, televisions, and cars becoming more abundant and affordable. Everyone listened to music through CDs, record players and cassette players. Women had the power to be almost as equal and successful as men. They had the power to vote, the right to an education and fair work service, and the careers and status to flaunt their wealth. Fashion played a large role in America – expensive, extravagant designer clothes, bags, and jewelries were one way to flaunt one’s wealth.  The population was increasing through new citizenships for different races and ethnicities. With the help of international commercialism, people came to tour the U.S.A. from all over the world. America could not be stopped in the year of 1990, and it was only the beginning.

                The year 1990 had produced many American favorite films that depicted the American life.  As one of the top grossing films of the 1990s, Pretty Woman was the perfect film for the start of a new decade and for the prospering America. This hit romantic comedy starred Julia Roberts as the prostitute- Vivian Wood, while Richard Gere played the new-money, business man Edward Lewis. Centering on the era of a growing economy, the film featured many important themes relating to America’s culture and society during the 1990s. Richard Gere portrays himself as the bad-boy-slash-rich gentleman who pays $3,000 for the prostitute with the heart of gold, Vivian Wood, to be his escort for a week. Lewis introduces Wood to the fabulous life of the crème de la crème, while Wood teaches Lewis about love, compassion, and kindness. Although they separate by the end of the paid week, Wood and Lewis have fallen madly in love and decide to try their relationship once again.

The sensational 1990’s film Pretty Woman portrayed the prosperous life of an American which is synonymous to America’s culture and society during the time. More people were becoming wealthy and technological advancements made things more affordable and accessible. Edward Lewis is the successful corporate raider with an endless bank account, compared to the poor, desolate job of Vivian Wood as a prostitute. In order to be respected and accepted, wealth and fortune played an important role in society.  Lewis lived in an upscale apartment, furnished with expensive furniture’s and decorations’. He flaunted his wealth through his home, the expensive sports car, and the extravagant tailored suits. Wood, however, received threatening looks and indecent behaviors from the upscale, designer clothing boutique, because she was dressed in ratty, cheap-material clothing. Society accepted and respected the well-educated, career-driven, and wealthy class of people because sophistication was an important theme of a prospering nation.

                The technological advances in 1990 had contributed to the advances of many other things like music, fashion, politics, science, medicine, and religion. Advancement had led to aesthetically-pleasing buildings, roads, shops, and cars. By the 1990s, cars were becoming an important part of an American’s life. Car companies produced various lines of models affordable for high-class, medium-class, or low-class people depending on their income. In the beginning of the movie, Lewis is driving a Lotus Esprit – a very expensive sports car, while Wood travels with the bus line or walks. The boutiques and roads on Rodeo Drive were cleaner, organized, and decorated than simple brick-box buildings and rail-road tracks covering broken street cements from a decade before. Buildings were equipped with surveillance systems, becoming more reliable and sturdy, with the help of computers to manage and organize what people could not do.

                Although much advancement contributes to the better lifestyle of an American, several attributions had helped create the iconic American perspective on life. Comedy and Romance will always have the same effect on a person’s life. The mood in 1990 was happier, considering the better life the people had. They enjoyed their prosperous life, making money, using money, and building an improved life. The witty, comical sense of humor in the film had helped it to become one of many favorite films. Lewis and Wood’s character of sensibility and humor created an enhanced mood of happiness and joyfulness. Their romance had sparked inspiration in all people, because it touched the audiences through feelings and emotions. Love and comedy never gets old, which is why Pretty Woman received many awards in its romantic-comedy genre. Americans loved wittiness and comedy; a persons’ character tells a lot about them. The happy Americans enjoyed the practical sensibility of humor and love which was a part of any persons’ life.

                The year 1990 was the start of a new decade as well as the start of a growing and prospering nation. The mood in 1990 was ever-becoming more cheerful and ecstatic that no one can disapprove a romantic-comedy like Pretty Woman. It was a happy-ending, fairy-tale of a movie with romance, lust, humor, and wit to create the perfect portrait of an American. America was booming with wealthier people and advancement in many ways that people could not help but be seen in high spirits. Pretty Woman may have portrayed an American as sophisticated, well-educated and rich, but an American’s character consisted of belief in love and romance, and a witty sense of humor.