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Year In Review:


The year 1990 was a special year for America and its people.
The nation was growing with various ethnicities, prospering financially, and technologically advancing in warp speed.
The United States of America was the center for commercialism, and the icon for other countries to look up to.
People all over the world including the U.S. was inspired by its people through fashion, politics, music, history, sports, and religion.
America was seen as strong, independent, and powerful; nations around the world came to the U.S. for help, advice, and knowledge.
America, as well, was influenced by the many factors and events occuring around the world.
Together, the year 1990 became more advanced and prospered with the inspiration and influences the country received.
Eyes were wide open as people watched the year 1990 with glee, filling their minds with hope for a better world.

Madonna and the Blonde Ambition World Tour

The Unification of Germany

Top Grossing Films in 1990

 The World Heavyweight Boxing Controvery

Our first assignment was to pick out a year of interest,
and I ,single-handedly, chose the year 1990.
Not only is it the year I was born in, but also it was the start of a new era for America.
Many memoriable events occured in the year 1990,
and some of them had come to my attention as I researched through the year.
America was growing as a nation, prospering financially, and booming with various races looking for a new start on life.
This nation gave people a start on their dream.
I was very interested in the different music, fashion, technological advances, as well as the major poltical events that happened in this special year of mine.