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Narrative Podcast:

Madonna and the Blonde Ambition World Tour in 1990.

Madonna was infamous for her rebel attitude, questionable music videos and fashion tastes,
but her music was undeniably fun, crazy, and witty.
She was the iconic figure for feminism and the voice of "Grrl Power!"
During my Year in the Review, I researched Madonna during the 1990's, and happened to come across her controversial tour the Blonde Ambition World Tour.
This was the year that she held her famous world tour from North America to Europe to Japan.
High-brand designer Jean Paul Gaultier became famous for designing Madonna's extravagant costumes,
and the erotic, yet iconic cone brassiere.
No one can forget that infamous bra, and the undeniably-amazing soundtracks the songwriter-singer produced.
Although many of the choreographies for the stage shows were considered too obscene and rude for the religious countries, it did not stop Madonna from producing one of the greatest performances of the year.
It was only the beginning for the blonde-curled bombshell, because several TV stations including HBO had aired a couple of her shows held in Texas, Toronto, and Japan.