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Madonna: The Blond Ambition World Tour

My show is not a conventional rock show, but a theatrical presentation of my music. And like theater, it asks questions, provokes thoughts and takes you on an emotional journey, portraying good and bad, light and dark, joy and sorrow, redemption and salvation. I do not endorse a way of life, but describe one, and the audience is left to make its own decisions and judgements. This is what I consider freedom of speach, freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Every night, before I go on stage, I say a prayer, not only that my show will go well, but that the audience will watch it with an open heart and an open mind, and see it as a celebration of love, life and humanity.” (From Truth or Dare)

The Blond Ambition Tour Posters
As one of the leading female artists of the Eighties, Madonna shocked the world with her Blond Ambition World Tour, held on April 2, 1990 through August 5, 1990. The controversial tour, sponsored by Pepsi and Pioneer electronics, was the first mega tour of the Nineties; Madonna and her troupe toured 3 different continents with 57 stunning performances, 9 shows in Japan, 32 shows in North America, and 16 shows in Europe. WIth central themes of sexuality and Catholicism, the tour was supporting her hit song "Like A Prayer" and the album "I'm Breathless."

The Blonde Ambition World Tour had 57 scheduled tours, starting with Japan, North America, and, lastly, Europe. However, Madonna's rehearsed performances were more than satisfactory - it was full of explicit sexuality that kept certain people on the edge. In Toronto, the polices threatened to press charges unless the lewd parts of the show were changed. Madonna refused, yet no charges were made. In Rome, the Pope boycotted against the show, and one of the three performances was cancelled.
Scheduled Performances


New York
New Jersey
United Kingdon


New Jersey
Germany Italy Spain


New Jersey

PlayList: Songs Performed

1. Express Yourself
2. Open Your Heart
3. Causing A Commotion
4. Where's the Party?
5. Like A Virgin
6. Like A Prayer
7. Medley:
   1. Live To Tell
   2. Oh Father!
8. Papa Don't Preach
9. Sooner or Later
10. Hanky Panky
11. Now I'm Following YOu
12. Material Girl
13. Cherish
14. Into the Groove
15. Vogue
16. Holiday

17. Keep It Together
Madonna's performances were divided into 5 different sections.
The first section of the performance was inspired by the "Express Yourself" music video where she sang "Open Your Heart", "Causing A Commotion", and "Where's The Party?"
The second section of the show was a passionate scene with a religious theme; the popular songs "Like A Virgin", "Like A Prayer", "Live to Tell", "Oh Father!", and "Papa Don't Preach" were played.
The third, cabaret-inspired stage was a Madonna-version of the 1990 motion picture Dick Tracy, where Madonna played "Breathless Mahoney." She belted out "Sooner or Later" on the grand piano, "Hanky Panky", and "Now I'm Following You" while dancing with a Dick Tracy look-alike.
She stepped onto her fourth section was 1930's-hollywood film-theme inspired, singing "Material Girl", "Cherish", "Into the Groove", and ended with "Vogue."
The finale of the show had two encores: a performance of "Holiday" and the sampling of "Do the Bus Stop" and "Keep It Together."

Performance & Choreography

Of course, nothing would be complete without the perfect choreography, especially with an eccentric singer and performer like Madonna. She told choreographer Vincent Patterson that she wanted to "break every rule we can... She wanted to make statements about sexuality, cross-sexuality, the church... But the biggest thing we tried to do was change the shape of concerts. Instead of just presenting songs, we wanted to combine fashion, Broadway, and performance art." So Patterson rehearsed the most explicit, unconventional moves he could prepare. And it was a success!

TAKE A LOOK @ Madonna's performances in Japan : Like A Virgin and Express Yourself.

Jean Paul Gaultier does exactly what she wants

 Madonna knew what she wanted for her tour. In 1989, she called upon the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier to create her costume wardrobe. Gaultier, already a fan, started off with fifteen hundred sketches, including the infamous conical bra. In the New York Times, he exclaimed "When Madonna first called me Because of his decision to join in on her crew, it is said that The Blond Ambition World Tour was the launch of his career: "I love Madonna. That was one of the best times of my career," he told the Observer.
 Jean Paul Gaultier's sketches of the iconic cone brassiere