Welcome To My English 30 E-Portfolio!

Hello Guys, and Welcome to my e-portfolio.

My name is Jinny Kong.
I am currently a first-year freshman at the Hazleton campus of PennState University.
Although I am attending a college in Pennsylvania, I hail from below - Virginia.
It's kind of hard getting used to the weather, the new faces, and the unknown streets of this state,
but I am definetly enjoying my first semester here at Hazleton.
I have always had an interest in english and the art of journalism - with a profound curiosity for the art of writing and reading classical books as a hobby.
With my interest in an english major and law, I am currently striving hard in college in order to be the successful international-corporate lawyer I hope to be in the very near future.

For my English 30 Honors class, I have created an e-portfolio with all of my assignments for this class.
Dr. Peter Froehlich is teaching us how to institute the new era of computer skills into our english class.

Unfortunately, I am not well-adapted to using the various programs available through the computer;
however, I am more than willing to take the risk and learn about using a blog.